Current Dev Focus

28 June 2021


We’re back with our latest Weekly Focus blog!

This will be a regular series where we’ll take a look at what the team is focusing their attention on this week, as well as their response to some of the top community feedback and suggestions we’ve received. You can also get a peek at the content and blogs planned for this week.

Developer Focus

Scavengers Developer Focus June 28th

Here, we’ll talk about some of the top topics that the team is working on this week. This isn’t their only focus - we’ll be highlighting only the main topics they’re focused on:

  • June 29th Hotfix: The hotfix this week will focus on fixing the two biggest issues from last week’s game update: not receiving Salvage at the end of the match and reducing the storm frequency to bring it back where it should be. We’ll also have a couple of quality of life improvements in this hotfix.
  • Kali Rework: Our stealthy archer still has some issues with her Active Camo ability and the Blink Talent. We’re giving Kali a bit of a rework to permanently fix those issues.
  • Improving New Player Experience: We know that there’s still work to be done to improve the experience for our new players. We’re continuing to look at ways to make Scavengers fun and exciting as our new Explorers are learning the game.
  • Matchmaking Improvements: We’ve heard your feedback on improving how matchmaking works, to make fun and fair matches for all players. While we’re not quite at the point of adding in a new matchmaking system, we are in the initial stage of developing a better system.
  • Single Team Hurry: A fancy way of saying that if you’re the only team remaining on the Dropship, it’ll take off faster! Thanks to your feedback, we’re working on adjusting the Dropship timing so that after all enemies are eliminated, the Dropship will take off immediately with the last remaining team.

Top Community Feedback

Scavengers Community Feedback June 28th

We’re on this Scavengers journey with you, and we want to improve and refine the game with the feedback and suggestions from our community. Although the team is constantly going through your feedback and incorporating them into our updates and hotfixes, we haven’t had a really good way to let you know what might be coming in the medium to long term.

So, every week, we'll share our thoughts on some of the top community feedback topics that we’ve been seeing on our platforms. We may work on some of these for a future update; some of these could be part of a long-term plan and might not have a date for when they’ll arrive in Scavengers. Others, we may be investigating or considering adding, but can’t promise that you’ll see them in the game. Finally, for some, we want to continue hearing your feedback and thoughts on, to ensure we’re considering the right way to approach it. Let’s break them down:

Interesting: We’re interested in adding these to the game and are currently looking into how it might work. We don’t have any definite plans, so they may or may not be added in a future update.

  • Showing Research Tier Progress: It’s hard to know exactly how far you are from upgrading to the next Research Tier without manually counting the number of completed Projects. We agree that some changes should be made so that it’s clear how many Projects are needed. We don’t have a date for these changes, but we would like to have them in the future.
  • Explorer and Account Level Rewards: Similar to the Research Tiers, there’s no real clarity around what is needed to unlock the banners, emblems, and titles, or what sweet rewards you receive for leveling up. Making it easier to know what you’ll receive and when is something we would like to include in the future too.

Developer Thoughts: We love reading your feedback and sometimes, there are game reasons why certain elements are designed a certain way. When that happens, we’ll try to explain a bit of our thoughts around design.

One thing we’ve been hearing from you is the value of different Salvage options. We’re aware that some Salvage is perceived as more valuable, especially for high-level players.

The different Salvage items, including their loot, were very carefully designed and we’re pretty happy with how it’s working out so far. We’ll continue to monitor and observe the in-game data and player feedback, but for now we don’t see any major changes coming to the Salvage loot.

This Week's Blogs

Scavengers Upcoming Blogs June 28th

Here’s where we’ll keep you updated on what blog content you might see this week!

We’re kicking off the week with this Weekly Focus but that’s not all we have planned! We’ll also be sharing the full Hotfix Notes, so you know what’s changing before it goes live tomorrow.

At the end of the week, we’ll also share some of our favorite player-created content and streams in the latest Community Roundup.

We’re committed to creating Scavengers with our amazing players. Please share your feedback and suggestions on Discord and Twitter and let us know your thoughts on our focus topics.

June 29th Hotfix

28 June 2021

Our latest hotfix address the end of match Salvage issue and storm frequency issue!

QOTW - Animations, Limited Time Modes, and More

26 June 2021

The team answers your questions on crazy stories during development and will there be limited time modes!