Known Issues you can encounter in Scavengers

27 April 2021


Below is a list of known issues that you might encounter while playing Scavengers. If you run into any of these problems rest assured that we'll be working to address them in future updates!


  • There may be a conflict between Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus and Easy Anticheat, which causes a ‘Failed to Start the Game’ error that prevents players from loading the game. Disabling Webroot SecureAnything will not fix this issue; Webroot SecureAnywhere would need to be uninstalled to correct it. If you do uninstall Webroot, please remember to install a new anti-virus program!

Lobby & Main Menu

  • The game mode cannot be changed by pressing the Q key while in the lobby
  • The Challenge "Kill 3 Outlanders with Grenades" cannot always be completed
  • When you ‘Unfriend’ a player the ‘Confirm’ and ‘Cancel’ text is missing. The buttons are colored orange for ‘Confirm’ and black for ‘Cancel’
  • On the Explorer screen, sometimes the Explorer names are not visible if you navigate too quickly between front end menu tabs
  • The Shop, Explorers, and Research tab will sometimes show a "new" badge icon, even though there is not new content there
  • Windows interface elements sometimes do not appear on the game while playing in windowed mode if the game and system resolution are the same
  • The camera does not always focus on the player currently selecting an Explorer in the draft screen
  • You cannot exit the game while in a party and searching in a queue

  • The Crafting menu sometimes shows small versions of the relevant icon the first time the Crafting menu is opened
  • When vehicles exit the mini-map range, there is no icon on the map indicating that one is in use. The vehicle will only show on the map when it is within the mini-map range
  • Teammate icons sometimes disappear when they are in a vehicle and exit the range of the mini-map
  • Player map markers do not disappear if a teammate disconnects or quits the match
  • If you die with the map open, it is possible that you will be unable to use the menus for the remainder of the match


  • Gorthokk, Bylobog, and Omicron sometimes get stuck in a state where their attacks are delayed
  • Sluka's vomit attack that spawns minions does not properly show VFX
  • Sluka's goop trail can sometimes deal very high damage without properly informing the player
  • Player and enemy animations sometimes freeze for a moment if you turn away then quickly look back at them
  • Players can occasionally collide with dead enemies (like bears) when attempting to run them over

General Game Elements

  • The kill feed sometimes shows empty messages and fails to indicate when an Explorer died of cold
  • The mini-leaderboard in the top right corner of the screen sometimes does not show the top three scores
  • Some voice lines are not translated properly
  • The border around the text chat sometimes remains after the text chat is closed
  • Character models may show a low level of detail and appear boxy at close distance on certain settings


  • If your Keeper is knocked off a vehicle when attempting to unlock it, you will not be refunded the scrap spent
  • The camera is sometimes zoomed out when exiting a vehicle. Aiming down a weapon sight will fix this
  • Sometimes players can fall through the map when they exit a vehicle


  • Talents do not work properly after dying and resurrecting
  • You cannot swap Salvage; you need to drop the current Salvage in your Inventory to pick up a new Salvage item
  • Research stations sometimes swap what they're working on. Don't worry, your items are still being researched
  • Some camps have a few floating elements like chests, tents, and walls
  • There is a slight delay when collecting datapoints from off the ground
  • The cold meter sometimes continues to flash red even after warming above the critical level


  • Grenade models sometimes stick around in the air even after the grenade has detonated
  • Some weapon models have issues with the magazine while reloading

If you run into any bugs or issues while playing Scavengers please report them to Customer Support or on Discord.

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