Early Access Month 1: For Keeps

28 May 2021

Hi Explorers,

JoshingtonState back again! Hard to believe it’s been a month since we launched into Early Access—it feels like the time has come and gone so quickly.

Your feedback and engagement throughout all of this has been incredible, and we hope that with this week’s latest update, you’ll be even more excited about the future of Scavengers. I’ll do my best to reflect on the journey so far, share some thoughts on what’s next, and show some of our thinking on major decisions.


We’ve heard some of you wondering why we’re wiping so early. We considered many options (like wiping multiple times or only wiping closer to launch), but ultimately decided to do it now for three major reasons:

  • One, that it would be better to wipe earlier than later so as not to punish early adopters (your engagement should matter!)
  • Two, having no wipe looming means we can get even more valuable data and feedback on Scavengers’ progression systems. Knowing you’re playing ‘for keeps’ means things really matter and that should be reflective of your playtime. Is it worth it to grind out to the highest tiers of research? Maybe not if a wipe was coming, but now that it’s all yours forever, please let us know what you think
  • Third and finally, getting past final wipe means we get one step closer to console testing, as well getting our other systems online, like cosmetics and shop purchases

We’ve also heard your concern around Scavengers potentially getting ‘top-heavy’ favored toward veteran players with better loadout options, especially if they can get paired against new players. As a result of this feedback, we’ve already made some changes to the ordering and structure of unlocks via the research system. We’ll continue keeping a close eye on this and have heard some of your suggestions (level or skill-based matchmaking seems to be a common one) as well!

Hopefully that explains our thinking, but rest-assured we’ll continue to tune and update all aspects of Scavengers to build a fun game for everyone.


Scavengers has also seen over two and a half million hours played since the start of Early Access! This is a huge milestone, and it’s thanks to all of you. Maybe more of you will come in after our final wipe, but we’re not chasing numbers; we just want to make Scavengers the best experience for those who enjoy PvEvP survival shooters. It is nice to share though ;)


We’re operating on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and can hold up to 5,000 of you—I hope you’ll show up! If you weren’t here before the launch of Early Access, we threw a private, pre-launch, community gathering in ScavLab, our experimental gameplay testing platform that can host thousands of players simultaneously. During the event, we had a massive sliding/data-collection race, bounced players around the mountains, and battled thousands upon thousands of Thresh on a lake.

This time around, we’ll be trying out a lot of the same features and gameplay mechanics as last time, but hopefully with more of you in attendance. In this edition of ScavLab, I’ll be hanging out—live!—with all of you, as well as sharing some future content teases for Scavengers.

To get into ScavLab, you do not need to download anything new: just log into Scavengers on May 29, before 11am PT / 7pm BST and queue up for ScavLab (you’ll see it in your queue selection) before it kicks off. If you want to join the ScavLab conversation already happening, join our ScavLab chat channels in Discord!


Still working on it! As I mentioned last month: “. . .expect this to be a matter of months, not weeks. Staying nimble and focused on one platform helps us ensure Scavengers is fun to play before going wide and multi-platform.


  • Anti-cheat, performance, optimizations, and bugfixes. These remain priorities for us, even with our larger updates in the works. We hope that as Early Access progresses, your game performance and experience has been improving and, if not, please continue to give us feedback. We’re listening!

  • Thinning the “dropship rush” crowd. We’re still working on some longer-term solutions, but have heard a lot of your feedback that the final few minutes of getting onto the dropship feel like pure chaos. We attribute a lot of this to too many groups making it to the endgame. Expect to see us making more adjustments here, but directionally you’ve already seen a number of balance changes made to incentivize ‘thinning’ out the endgame crowd (like rewards for full-team wipes). We also want to add...

  • More PvE strategy. We mentioned this last time and are still working on this, but similar to creating more incentives for PvP, we also want to create more PvE strategy and incentives, including things like the ability to leave early with your prizes (so ‘opting out’ of the final rush, but with its own risks and tradeoffs)

  • More direct communications. We’re going to start trying out a “weekly focus” series to more clearly communicate what the team’s prioritizing in the coming week. You may see less of my updates as a result, but know that Scavengers has always been a team effort, so we’re just trying to communicate as a whole team as well

… and that’s all for today! Once again, be sure to join us in ScavLab on May 29, at 11am PT / 7pm BST as we hang out and share a few hints at what’s to come. You don’t need to download any new client, just start the regular Scavengers client and queue up!

Keep warm.

Josh & the Midwinter Team

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