Free Battle Pass and Brand New Horde Mode

19 July 2021


We would like to clarify the confusion surrounding purchasing a Battle Pass from the Season tab of the Shop.

We are offering a stand-alone Battle Pass, which is currently FREE until August 6th. There is also a Season 0 Elite Bundle, which contains the Battle Pass and 5 Tier Skips. This bundle is discounted to 250 Chips while the Battle Pass is free.

You can only purchase the Season 0 Battle Pass OR the Season 0 Elite Bundle. Once you have purchased either item, BOTH items will be removed from the Shop.

Lastly, there is a Season Tier Skip for 100 Chips, that allows you to skip a tier. This item should remain in the Shop even after purchasing a Battle Pass.

We apologize for the initial confusion around purchasing the Battle Pass.


Things are heating up in Cascade Springs with our July update! We’re adding a new PvE-only Horde Mode for those who want to take a break from other teams on the attack, and a FREE (for a short while) mini Battle Pass to earn some cool First Frontier skins. Here’s what’s coming up!

Season 0 Battle Pass

Battle Passes have been something we’ve been exploring and we’re excited to introduce a new Scavengers Battle Pass in our next update! We’ll be running the first season - Season 0 - with a mini Battle Pass. As this is new territory for us, we’d love to get your feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Be sure to share your thoughts with us.

We are so very thankful for your dedication and passion for Scavengers since Early Access began in late April. To show our gratitude, we’ll be offering the Season 0 Battle Pass FREE for a limited time!

From July 23rd until August 6th, you can claim your free Battle Pass in the Shop. After that, it will still be available in the Shop at a permanent discount, as an ongoing thank you for staying with us.

Our first Battle Pass season will last for 45 days, starting on Friday, July 23rd and ending on Monday, September 6th.

With the Battle Pass, you can earn fun new First Frontier cosmetic items, including a First Frontier Cruz skin, a cosy new Keeper skin, weapon skins, banners, and emblems. In addition to the new cosmetics, you can also earn some Chips and Research resources.

After unlocking the Battle Pass, you’ll immediately be able to claim the first reward - Cazador’s First Frontier weapon skin! Earning more rewards is easy - simply complete Challenges to earn progress towards the next tier. Don’t forget to claim your reward for each tier that you’ve unlocked!

New PvE Horde Mode

The newest update includes our first PvE-only mode: Horde! This will be available after the update on July 21st. Entering Horde Mode is easy - simply click on ‘Expedition’ in the main lobby and switch to ‘Horde’!

What’s Horde Mode all about? Here’s the low-down.

Teams of three must stand strong against waves of AI enemies, protecting two Data Uplinks. Collect enough data from destroyed enemies and Mother will send a rescue ship—called a R.A.S.P—to save you from the frozen wasteland.

Between horde waves, be sure to scavenge for weapons, ammo, and Scrap. Scrap can be used to Craft items or repair defenses, such as barricades and turrets. An adventurous Explorer can also scavenge the Orbital Debris to gain extra Scrap and data - if your team can survive without you...

You must protect the Data Uplinks if you want to get out alive. If both are destroyed, it’s game over and not even Mother can save you. Getting enough data to call down the R.A.S.P doesn’t mean you’re safe though, you’ll have to defend your rescue rocket until it’s time for extraction. Only then can you make your escape!.

We hope you enjoy testing out the new Season 0 Battle Pass and Horde mode. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the new update, as well as what you would like to see in the future. Share them with us on Discord, Twitter and our other social channels!

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