What's Happening This Week

13 July 2021


We’re back with our latest Weekly Focus blog!

This will be a regular series where we’ll take a look at what the team is focusing their attention on this week, as well as their response to some of the top community feedback and suggestions we’ve received.

Developer Focus

Scavengers July 13 Developer Focus

Here, we’ll talk about some of the top topics that the team is working on this week. This isn’t their only focus - we’ll be highlighting only the main topics they’re focused on:

  • Final Testing for the July Update: Our next content update will be arriving next week, so we’re in the final stages to QA test new features and bug fixes.
  • Season 0 Battle Pass: With our July update, we will be introducing a Season 0 Battle Pass. This will be a test of the Battle Pass system during our inaugural season. We’ll be sharing more information soon.
  • Horde Mode: Horde Mode is an upcoming PvE feature where you and your team face off against waves of AI opponents. We’re excited to hear your feedback on the brand-new Horde Mode once it’s been released.
  • Matchmaking Improvements: We’re continuing to work on improvements to our matchmaking system. The goal behind these changes is to make the matchmaking system tuneable in the future. The matchmaking system won’t be introduced with our July update but it’s expected to come online when it’s ready.

Top Community Feedback

Scavengers July 13 Community Feedback

We’re on this Scavengers journey with you, and we want to improve and refine the game with the feedback and suggestions from our community. Although the team is constantly going through your feedback and incorporating them into our updates and hotfixes, we haven’t had a really good way to let you know what might be coming in the medium to long term.

So, every week, we'll share our thoughts on some of the top community feedback topics that we’ve been seeing on our platforms. We may work on some of these for a future update; some of these could be part of a long-term plan and might not have a date for when they’ll arrive in Scavengers. Others, we may be investigating or considering adding, but can’t promise that you’ll see them in the game. Finally, for some, we want to continue hearing your feedback and thoughts on, to ensure we’re considering the right way to approach it. Let’s break them down:

Future Update: For these, we’re planning to add them to Scavengers at some point, but don’t have a confirmed release date yet. They are part of our mid to long-term plans, so it could be months before they are available in-game.

  • Stamina System: We’ve heard your feedback on the “clunky” stamina system. We agree - it needs a bit of a rework to make it feel better. It’s something that we’re planning to address in a future update.
  • Respawn System: Data Uplinks: We know that the respawn system hasn’t been the smoothest experience, especially trying to find a Data Uplink in the late game. We’re planning to fix this so that a Data Uplink will always be available on the map.
  • Rebinding Controller Keys: We have plans to allow limited rebinding options. You will be able to select one of several preset options for your key bindings. There may also be additional customizable key binding options available when this is introduced.

Interesting: We’re interested in adding these to the game and are currently looking into how it might work. We don’t have any definite plans, so they may or may not be added in a future update.

  • Practice Area: Having a separate practice area to test out Explorers and weapons is something that we’re interested in adding to Scavengers. Although we’re interested in potentially adding it in the future, we don’t currently have any plans when or if it might be included.

We’re committed to creating Scavengers with our amazing players. Please share your feedback and suggestions on Discord and Twitter and let us know your thoughts on our focus topics.

Free Battle Pass and Brand New Horde Mode

19 July 2021

We’re kicking off a Season 0 Battle Pass and the new PvE Horde Mode in our next update!

Our Focus This Week

6 July 2021

Preparing for the July content update and reviewing your respawn system feedback!