October 21st Update

20 October 2021


We’ll be performing an update on Thursday, October 21st, around 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST. There will be downtime during this update, which is expected to last 2 hours.

Here’s what to expect in this update:


  • Kill feed is now visible when spectating other players
  • You can select from controller presets
    • Default: Current controller layout
    • Classic: Swaps crouch/slide and dodge keys
    • Bumper Jumper: Puts Jump on the left shoulder button, puts item usage on dpad, and the emote wheel on the right stick press
    • Commando: Replaces ping on the right shoulder button with the Throwable. Opening your inventory moves to dpad right and ping moves to dpad up
    • Expressive: Puts emotes on the left shoulder button and quick items on dpad down

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Dialogue lines can sometimes be repeated
  • Fixed: Active Resurrection Kit sometimes doesn’t disappear after the team is eliminated
  • Fixed: Sound effect when the Resurrection Kit disappears sometimes doesn’t end
  • Fixed: Resurrection Timer sometimes shows as a number greater than 9999 when the player has been killed and cannot respawn
  • Fixed: Explosive damage was not reduced by crouching or dodging
  • Fixed: After completing the Tutorial, other game modes unlock earlier than expected
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, players were sometimes unable to ping chests with Scrap while using a controller
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, the onscreen instructions are still visible when the Settings menu is opened
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, the ‘Shift’ icon has a low resolution
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, the Scrap cache icons can be incorrect on the mini-map
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, the Scrap cache icon can persist after it’s opened
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, a dead body sometimes acts erratically when scavenged
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, all sources of fire are lacking animation
  • Fixed: Horn continues to honk after the vehicle is destroyed
  • Fixed: Players can incorrectly bind the Windows key
  • Fixed: AI didn’t always protect the Data Crystal in Orphanage
  • Fixed: EXP Boost percent did not show correctly
  • Fixed: RavageBear can sometimes get stuck on objects
  • Fixed: HUD items were missing after respawning
  • Fixed: Retch goop is too large
  • Fixed: Wildcard Title description shows temporary text
  • Fixed: Rin’s Time Bomb execution does not kill a downed enemy player
  • Fixed: On PlayStation, forming a party could sometimes cause the game to crash
  • Fixed: See No Evil Halden is missing the See No Evil logo in the customization screen
  • Fixed: Sometimes aiming a bow at an enemy cause cause the camera to shake
  • Fixed: Several incorrect collision models
  • Fixed: Several instances where the snow disappeared as the camera got closer
  • Fixed: Several instances where texture or objects were missing in the environment
  • Fixed: Several instances where items clipped into the floor and were unable to be picked up
  • Fixed: Several instances where AI enemies clipped through stairs and the floor
  • Fixed: Several instances where items float
  • Fixed: The symbol on the Mongrel cage may overlap with the Explorer’s model when standing next to it
  • Fixed: The Experience Points bar sometimes disappears
  • Fixed: Spacing issues for localized text on the Post Match Summary
  • Fixed: Strange artifacts in some localized boost percent text in the Post Match Summary
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, Mother isn’t always localized
  • Fixed: Localized text is sometimes duplicated and displayed on the left side of the screen
  • Fixed: The Items collected and Objective description sometimes overlap for some localizations
  • Fixed: Warlord execution didn’t kill the player
  • Fixed: Warsong stopped shooting after 3 or 4 shots were fired
  • Fixed: In Horde Mode, unmarked Scourge will sometimes spawn with the last wave of marked enemies
  • Fixed: In Horde Mode, the camera can sometimes move through the R.A.S.P if close enough
  • Fixed: In Horde Mode, Mother’s voice lines indicate that uploading Data will call the R.A.S.P
  • Climbing the satellite dish of the Data Uplink causes the player to slip with choppy animation
  • Fixed: The sliding sound effect sometimes doesn’t immediately stop when the player finishes sliding
  • Fixed: A burning vehicle doesn’t provide warmth
  • Fixed: Challenge progress still counts when a player leaves the match early
  • Fixed: The Challenge widget breaks after playing the First Mission
  • Fixed: Explorer continues to use voice lines for warming up even after the heat source has been extinguished by a border storm
  • Fixed: Damage numbers sometimes do not display correctly while in a vehicle
  • Fixed: Sometimes displays 0 Datapoints dropped when an Explorer dies
  • Fixed: Adjusted the terminology when talking about Wildcard Weapon skins to be consistent with other cosmetic items
  • Fixed: No audio played when pinging a R.A.S.P
  • Fixed: On PlayStation, the screen could dim when leaving early from the Tutorial
  • Fixed: On Xbox, several button icons were missing from the Research tab UI
  • Fixed: Melee kills will instantly regenerate Jae’s shields even after his Overshield ability has ended
  • Fixed: The controller provides haptic feedback and vibrates when swinging a melee weapon rather than when the weapon hits an enemy
  • Fixed: Some game hitches when walking or running

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