Rush & Attack Update

24 August 2021


We’re excited about our latest game update and hope that you’ll enjoy the upcoming changes for Scavengers.

To prepare for the update, there will be downtime on August 25th, starting at 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST and it is expected to last for 2 hours.

Here’s what’s coming with our Rush & Attack update tomorrow!

Stamina System Tuning

We’ve done a pass on the stamina system tunings to make melee and stamina feel more meaningful:

  • Light attacks are now far less costly on stamina, while dodge and heavy attacks use more
  • Running no longer zaps stamina and the exhausted run has been removed from the game
  • All melee weapons have had a tuning pass for the new system
  • There is now a periodic hunger drain
  • Hunger drain on abilities has been decreased
  • Talents that affect stamina have been tuned
  • The stamina HUD will change colors based on your ability to do a dodge/heavy attack
  • Camera shake while using a melee weapon has been reduced

PvE Horde Mode

Updates to Horde Mode:

  • We’ve introduced a new flow for extraction. Explorers will now extract after the 10th wave
  • Data uploading grants match rewards, such as extra life, extra Data Uplink health, and better chests
  • The R.A.S.P can be destroyed
  • New Veteran difficulty mode and difficulty mode selector. Veteran mode can be unlocked and played after winning a match in Normal difficulty
  • Better support for 1 and 3 players
  • Various improvements and bugs, based on player feedback and data
  • New Salvage types to acquire for Research in Horde Mode, such as a Heavy Outlander

Controller Improvements

Improvements to aim assist and the general experience on controllers:

  • The dodge roll and crouch buttons have been swapped in the default controller layout
  • The default controller sensitivity has been slightly lowered

UI Improvements

  • EXP boosts now show their remaining duration in the lobby menus
  • We’ve improved the Battle Pass page to better inform players on how to gain Season Points, and advance through the Battle Pass tiers

Rewards & Challenges

  • We have done a pass on the number of Season Points awarded for completing Daily Challenges. Overall, the amount of Season Points earned will increase
  • Adjusted the difficulty of some Challenges based on player feedback
  • The initial player level up rewards and challenges have been adjusted to introduce the loadout to new players more quickly

General Gameplay

  • New Resurrection Kit item that allows you to resurrect fallen teammates. Resurrection Kits have a chance of dropping from supply camps
  • When there is only one team launched into a match, the session will no longer move into the Dropship phase after a few minutes. Now, players can experience a portion of the complete session before the Dropship will come down
  • Shotguns now have tracers and smoke trails for better visibility
  • Ammo crates now drop explosive ammo
  • Executions can now be interrupted if you attack the executor

Backend Improvements

  • We’ve improved our backend to create a more responsive and faster friend-finding system
  • Ongoing improvements to performance
  • We’ve done a pass on characters, character skins, and backpacks to improve the visual quality

Audio Improvements

  • Voice chat activity is now shown in the draft and other screens outside of the match
  • Improvements to Outlander and Scourge sound effects
  • Improved bear sound effects
  • Weapon audio updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Multiple client crashes
  • Fixed: The UI still shows +1 life for uploading at Data Uplinks
  • Fixed: Cazador Cheetah was not properly zapping stamina from targets
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with the environment including floating assets, clipping, and items placed partially under the ground
  • Fixed: Time Survived includes spectating time when dead
  • Fixed: Minor typos in the Explorer subtitles
  • Fixed: Players can sometimes reload while dodging
  • Fixed: Players can preserve slide momentum by continuously jumping and sliding
  • Fixed: The flashlight doesn’t always turn on in dark interior environments
  • Fixed: Player cannot interact with several berry bushes on the map
  • Fixed: Jumping while sliding causing jitter
  • Fixed: Aiming down sights gets cancelled while taking continuous damage, like bleed
  • Fixed: Players are sometimes unable to revive their teammates
  • Fixed: Players can receive Career & Daily challenges that they cannot finish
  • Fixed: Unfinished challenges cannot always be refreshed at the time challenges roll over.
  • Fixed: Several buildings do not provide shelter from storms
  • Fixed: The Retch’s vomit projectile sometimes does not show until it lands
  • Fixed: Game Mode selector shows “Play 3 PVE Matches to Unlock”, regardless of how many PVE matches you’ve played
  • Fixed: Text chat sometimes stays on screen after leaving a match
  • Fixed: Teammate respawn time does not always show on the HUD
  • Fixed: Daily challenge rollover time is not properly displaying
  • Fixed: The Bloatbile leaves collision in its place for a short while after exploding
  • Fixed: Some environment assets are entirely white with snow
  • Fixed: Letty’s Rosie Packrat drops too much scrap from elite enemies and Warlords
  • Fixed: Some words were not being caught by the profanity filter in chat
  • Fixed: AI aren’t dropping their grenades when you interrupt their throw
  • Fixed: Shield bars show as partially full as you begin to level them up, despite being entirely full
  • Fixed: The scrap indicator on the HUD shows 0 when you die and respawn
  • Fixed: Enemies getting stuck in Horde mode
  • Fixed: The controller vibrates while spectating a player who is shooting
  • Fixed: Some Explorers’ eyes look off on low-end machines
  • Fixed: Vehicle sound effects sometimes continue looping endlessly
  • Fixed: Teammates do not animate while interacting with a chest or item
  • Fixed: Spectated players sometimes show the wrong firing state while using a weapon, e.g., showing as reloading when they are shooting
  • Fixed: Several bugs with localization across all supported languages
  • Fixed: If items are used while changing weapons, the use item animation never plays
  • Fixed: Ravagebears sometimes ignore rock collision
  • Fixed: Firing a weapon sometimes breaks dodging such that the upper and lower body do not match
  • Fixed: Mother incorrectly prompts players to use the Data Uplink together for faster uploading
  • Fixed: Research stations do not always show as unlocked after acquiring a new one.
  • Fixed: Some buildings prevent tall characters from moving through due to their height
  • Fixed: The cold meter continues to flash red after using a Thermal Boost.
  • Fixed: Kali invisibility issues while spectating her
  • Fixed: No whizzbys (sound of a bullet whizzing by your head) for Outlander weapons.

We look forward to working with you as we continue to refine and improve Scavengers together. Please join us on Discord to share your feedback and chat with fellow Explorers!!

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