ScavLab May Event Recap

3 June 2021


On Saturday, May 29th, we ran our first public, large-scale gathering with ScavLab and it was incredible! A HUGE thank you to everyone who joined in with us!

If you missed the event, here’s the lowdown on what we got up to.


Over 4,000 of you joined in to help us test ScavLab, and we had an absolute blast, sliding, gathering datapoints and battling Thresh with you!

For us, ScavLab is an experimental platform that we’re building, and being able to do so with players as patient and supportive as you makes it all the more worthwhile and fun! Because of its experimental nature, we expect hitches and the occasional crash along the way, and we did see a hiccup at the start of the event.

Our server crashed, just as everyone was booting into ScavLab. This had nothing to do with the number of players joining, but it was still an unplanned incident that we were able to fix. You all patiently waited (thank you!); we resolved the issue quickly and everyone was back in ScavLab with minimal disruption.

This is only the second time we’ve done this and each time, we’ve doubled our participants, so we’re learning a lot with each step! We’re also thinking of running some more casual, lower-stress events to continue testing new mechanics in the future. We’ll let you know when we have more details on these gatherings.


To say thank you to everyone who joined us for this first-ever public gathering - and for your patience, while we fixed the server issue - we’re awarding the following free goodies:

  • 200 chips
  • Orbital debris (rare resources)
  • Custom title: SIMULATOR

These items have already been gifted to you, and you should find them in your accounts now.


If you missed the event and want a taste of what it was like, check out our video!

While most of this is from our closed event in April, it’s a very accurate representation of what happens in a ScavLab event - masses of players, giant Josh and Messenger Chris, hordes of enemies, freefall sliding and all!

For those of you completely new to the concept of ScavLab and wondering exactly what it is, you can also check out our previous ScavLab blog for more information!

Our ScavLab team continues to work on testing and experimenting with this exciting space, so stay tuned for future news and updates!

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