Turning on Real Money Transactions

7 June 2021


We’ve been working on expanding the functionality of the Shop and we’re just about ready to take the next step - turning on real money transactions by offering Chip bundles.

You’ll be able to purchase these bundles in-game through Steam or Epic Games Store. Any purchases that you make are permanent. They are yours to keep forever and we won’t wipe or revert them in the future.

Enabling real money transactions now is an important part of Early Access as it allows us to set up systems in the Shop to prepare for future expansions. We’re taking the time to test and develop the Shop’s functionality during Early Access. Our current goal isn’t to generate a lot of revenue - the focus is on developing key systems.

Right now, the cosmetic skins available in the Shop are pretty lean, as we want to focus on functionality of the transactions over the breadth of options (for now). These cosmetic skins cover a variety of items, from Backpacks to Keepers, weapons and Explorers, but the selection is limited. We’ll continue to design new and exciting cosmetic items to be released in the future.

We would love to get your thoughts and feedback as we continue to develop Scavengers with you - please share them with us on Discord, Twitter and our other social channels.

June 8th Hotfix

8 June 2021

Bug fixes, including fixing the Blink and Mag Break Talents, in today's hotfix!

Our Focus this Week!

7 June 2021

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