Tactical Sniper

Tarik, the clinical marksman from Morocco, has a talent executing orders at a considerable distance. They enjoy nothing more than paralysing their targets, either by destabilising enemies within a Stun Trap, or through the sheer fear of where their rifle might strike next.

Nationality: Moroccan
Class Ability: Stun Trap
Class Weapon: Longstriker

Stun Trap

A tool for both defensive and offensive playstyles, Tarik’s Stun Trap is as versatile as it is powerful. Triggered on enemy proximity, it can be employed as an indispensable protective measure to keep guard when sniping at long-range. In the heat of a firefight, it will instantly stun and slow down rival combatants caught in its radius.


A rifle of great renown amongst Explorers, Tarik’s Longstriker isn’t just a powerful long-range damage dealer, it’s also remarkably versatile. Snipers can gain extra utility with variant models, which range from including alternate scopes, to complete reconfigurations that can transform the marksman weapon into an assault-class blunt instrument of unrivaled destructive force.