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22 March 2022

Check out the latest Scavengers update!

February Update

16 February 2021

Our team is busy working on several improvements and features. Check out our blog for an update on some of the progress we’ve been making.

Questions Of The Week - 1

11 February 2021

You ask the questions, we answer them. Welcome to the start of our Questions of the Week!

December 2020 Closed Beta Summary

19 January 2021

Check out our summary of Closed Beta. We share our thoughts on how it went, and what we’re focusing on next for Scavengers.

The first Closed Beta is complete!

22 December 2020

Thanks for playing in the first Scavengers PC Closed Beta, we’ll see you next year!

Join our PC Closed Beta now!

11 December 2020

The Scavengers Closed Beta is live! Team up, gear up and return to the frozen wasteland to fight for total control...

Closed Beta Game Updates

11 December 2020

Game updates and Patch notes. Find out what you can look forward to in Closed Beta!

November Playtest: Community Feedback

26 November 2020

Read a summary of feedback we received from players in our November Playtest. Find out what we learned and what we’re already working on...

November Game Updates & Patch Notes

4 November 2020

Before you jump into our PC Technical Playtest Weekend, find out what changes have happened since the last update...