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Register for the Console Closed Alpha!

20 September 2021

Registration is now open for all Xbox and PlayStation players!

October 6th Update

6 October 2021

Check out the bug fixes in our latest update!

What’s Happening This Week

4 October 2021

Weapon tuning, bug fixes, and a Double EXP weekend!

September 23rd Update

22 September 2021

Check out what’s changing with this update!

What’s New

21 September 2021

Mid-week update, console Closed Alpha, and more!

Your Videos, Your Scavengers Stories!

19 September 2021

Sluka,Warlord, bears and a whole lot more...!

September 15th Update

14 September 2021

Winter’s Fury & Rin are coming...

This Week’s Dev Focus

13 September 2021

Winter’s Fury, Rin, and more!

September 10th Update

9 September 2021

R.A.S.P, Weekly Challenges, Fog of War, and more!