Featured News

PC Open Access on Steam and EGS from May 1st!

28 April 2021

Doors are open for Scavengers - all players can jump in straight away! Find out what’s happening in our PC Early Access...

This Week's Dev Focus

15 June 2021

Here’s what the team is working on this week!

QOTW - Weapons, Research, and More!

11 June 2021

From more Signature and Wildcard weapons to adjusting the Research system, the team answers your questions!

World Building: Map Layout

10 June 2021

We discuss the work going into building the Scavengers world.

June 8th Hotfix

8 June 2021

Bug fixes, including fixing the Blink and Mag Break Talents, in today's hotfix!

Turning on Real Money Transactions

7 June 2021

We're getting ready to add real money transactions - learn more now!

Our Focus this Week!

7 June 2021

Learn what the team is working on and their thoughts on the top community feedback

QOTW - Food, Maps and Mod Systems

5 June 2021

The team tackles your questions around their favorite food; Explorer’s morning routines and future maps!

Creative Fan Art, Clips and Videos

4 June 2021

Watch some amazing videos from our community!