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PC Open Access on Steam and EGS from May 1st!

28 April 2021

Doors are open for Scavengers - all players can jump in straight away! Find out what’s happening in our PC Early Access...

Know Your Enemy - The Outlanders

4 May 2021

Deadeye. Mauler. Overlord. Learn about the deadly Outlanders waiting for you in the frozen wastelands

Early Access Day 1: A Retrospective

29 April 2021

Let’s talk about keys, game lobbies, and how much we appreciate you

Known Issues you can encounter in Scavengers

27 April 2021

Check out some of our known issues you might encounter while playing.

What’s New Since Closed Beta

26 April 2021

Early Access starts soon and we’ve made a ton of changes!

Руководство по игре в Scavengers для новичков

24 April 2021

Руководство по игре в Scavengers для новичков

QOTW - Level Scaling, Lore, and More

22 April 2021

The team tackles your questions around transportation systems, balancing around a meta, and Scavengers lore!

QOTW - Data, Mobile Enemies & More!

15 April 2021

From weapon sound to random spawns, find out the answers to some of your questions!

Calling All Content Creators!

8 April 2021

Signups are open to join our new Scavengers Content Creator Program!