June 8th Hotfix

8 June 2021


The downtime has ended and the servers should now be back online!

In this hotfix, we’ve fixed the Blink and Mag Break Talents and ensure Research materials are tracked properly. Keep reading to learn the full details.

Real Money Transactions

With this hotfix, we have expanded the Shop functionality. Players are now able to purchase Chip bundles through Steam and Epic real money transactions. You can read more about this in our recent blog.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Research materials are now tracked correctly
  • Fixed: Blink Talent no longer sometimes makes the Explorer permanently invisible
  • Fixed: Taking damage now correctly removes the Blink Talent buff
  • Fixed: Blink Talent now works properly with Kali’s ability
  • Fixed: Mag Break Talent now correctly gives stamina while sprinting
  • Fixed: When Mag Break Talent is active, crossbows now award the same amount of stamina as bows
  • Fixed: Removed duplicate ‘Classic’ skin for Sidekick
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where shooting a target with armor or shield left them with 1 HP
  • Adjusted: Smooth Moves Talent now only speeds up the next reload after dodging (5 second duration)

All the changes, updates and hotfixes we roll out are direct results of all the amazing feedback, bug-reporting and suggestions that come directly from our community. Thank you and please keep sharing your feedback with us!

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