November Playtest: Community Feedback

26 November 2020

Hi Explorers!

From all of us here at Midwinter, a big thank you again to everyone who joined us for our last November Technical Playtest Weekend!

With 80 hours of playtesting - our longest playtest yet! - and new players joining the fray, it was another great playtest session all-round. We absolutely loved seeing everyone in the game and we received plenty of great, detailed feedback from our wonderful community, which will all go towards the ongoing development of Scavengers.

Below, we’ve compiled some top feedback points, as well as some focus points, that we’re currently working hard on:


KeepWarm 4K (no watermark)

  • Great feedback and suggestions related to the Research System were shared, including pointers around clearer identification for materials and components needed to craft items and the ability to bulk open salvage. Plenty for us to consider!
  • Suggestions were made for clearer information on the overall UI/on-screen indicators.
  • TTK (Time To Kill) was another strong topic of conversation. The changes we made following feedback from the last playtest saw somewhat split opinions. Some of our players seemed to think it was too fast, others thought it was too slow. Some players who participated in the September playtest didn’t feel much difference, while others expressed a significant difference. We’ve taken this all on board and have already made changes based on the feedback we got.
  • Similarly, the talk around vehicle damage/tactics also saw some divided opinions. Some players seem to enjoy using vehicles to take out other players, some disliked it. This seemed heavily dependent on whether you killed or were killed via vehicle. We also identified a bug, which triggered when a vehicle collided with a player and resulted in higher levels of lethal impact than was planned. We’ve already fixed this and tuned a few more changes on this - thank you to everyone who helped us find this bug!
  • There was feedback around the balance of weapons and the balance of damage sources and we’ve already made a number of changes for overall improvements on this.
  • This time around, we also saw reports of cheaters and hackers and we’re already working on changing this (see further below!). Thanks again to everyone who helped flag these up to our Community team and Mods.
  • General requests for optimization improvements, which we’ll be working on, from overall performance to bug catching and more technical polish.


BaseAssault 4K (no watermark)

  • Lower populations in some regions (especially during quiet and off-peak hours) led to low player numbers for some matches. We still need to find the right approach and balance for this, while we try to ensure a fun experience for everyone.
  • The tutorial flow improvements and elimination of bugs we made from the last set of feedback saw a higher percentage of players completing the tutorial, before jumping into multiplayer matches.
  • There was 20%+ more roaming AI this time around.
  • There were performance improvements, although there’s still work to do with FPS refinements in general.
  • We ran our first in-game, bonus event in the last 24 hours of the playtest. The Research time acceleration boost was well received by players.


DinnerTable 4K (no watermark)

  • Anti-cheat investigation and implementation to address some of the flags and issues that were raised around players hacking and cheating the game.
  • Detecting AFK behavior and minimize the negative impact of it for other players and the gaming experience overall.
  • Ongoing and continued polishing and bug fixing! We’ll be looking at the balancing of weapons, visual improvements, and plenty more.
  • Metagame Research System improvements. We’re continuing to develop the system, overall improvements, improved communication to players, UI additions, and improvements amongst many other things.
  • Improvements to the first-time player experience flow so that new Explorers can jump into the game with a better understanding of Scavengers.
  • Breakable fences for vehicles and vehicle collisions - you spoke, we heard!
  • A number of in-game store improvements.


With 80 hours of playtesting this time around, we saw many of your rack up some impressive numbers - in both how many matches you played and in match victories! Here are some top stats:

Top 25 Players (who played the most matches):

  1. Chaunties - 88
  2. Silarious - 73
  3. Z4m4r0nS - 73
  4. PureBullet - 71
  5. MADDKATT-TV - 70
  6. Twitch-Ettnix - 69
  7. ElDragone - 65
  8. sN Major - 63
  9. p0w - 61
  10. RememberDolores - 56
  11. PriceOfEscape - 53
  12. MrZykes - 51
  13. Mendo - 50
  14. Krark - 48
  15. Cipher 8 - 48
  16. VerticallyObese - 47
  17. FPSAries - 47
  18. Shadow - 47
  19. ReFunk - 47
  20. Oachkatzl - 46
  21. Aku - 46
  22. Shurik52ru - 46
  23. Man - 45
  24. Cauli - 45
  25. Propper - 45

Top 25 PVP-ers (who took out other players the most):

  1. Twitch-Ettnix - 673
  2. FPSAries - 269
  3. PureBullet - 232
  4. Krark - 230
  5. Propper - 210
  6. MADDKATT-TV - 204
  7. EddieNTV - 202
  8. Mendo - 180
  9. TSM_Myth - 177
  10. Fall Damage - 169
  11. VerticallyObese - 162
  12. zeroZshadow - 147
  13. sN Major - 145
  14. loafacus - 142
  15. Oachkatzl - 141
  16. Silarious - 140
  17. flow - 136
  18. KauFFyLLIK1 - 128
  19. ElDragone - 123
  20. Chub - 121
  21. JustErix - 120
  22. McKids - 120
  23. Kadse - 114
  24. Aero - 113
  25. maky - 112

Bank 4K (no watermark)

With our November Playtest over, we’re now knuckling down, and working on addressing all the great feedback we received. We want to say huge thanks to everyone who participated in our playtest, and those that took the time to complete our in-game survey. Also, a big thank you to our Discord community, who shared their thoughts and suggestions throughout the playtest! All your feedback and support really does make a difference.

We’ve got an incredibly exciting and busy time ahead, and we can’t wait to share more news and details with you soon. We hope you’ll be just as amped as we are for the next stage of the game's development! Stay tuned and prepare for those incoming storms!

Keep Warm,


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