QOTW - Early Access Edition

17 May 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

This week, we’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions since Early Access began! Check out the team’s answers below.

What is the maximum Explorer level?

TJ (Game Designer):
Level 50 is the current max.

What are Talents and how are they unlocked?

Luke K (Game Designer):
Base Explorer weapons and abilities make them better-suited for certain playstyles; like Tarik being a strong long-range sniper. Talents allow you to customize that character, and maybe even change how you play that character entirely.

Letty's hand cannon (Rosie) makes her a lethal mid-range fighter, but Letty also has access to Defender Talents. With those in her loadout she can be a scary, close-quarters brawler!

Every character has the Base Talents unlocked and equipped on their loadout by default. Upgrade your research to Tier 2 to unlock the next Trait (row) available to your characters. Each Character has a different set of 3 Traits available to them, so unlocking a talent on one character will not make it available on the others.

Why is Mother pitting Explorers against each other and not having them work together?

Mother (Salient Robotics Gen11 Artificial Intelligence 1 of 1):
I have my reasons.

Why am I in a match with only one team / bots?

Ben B (Game Designer):
There is a… lot… going on in a Scavengers game, and the first time you play it can be pretty overwhelming. We want to teach the game at a reasonable pace, but that can be tough with the dynamics of a full match. So we added what we call the “Guided Bot Match” - a little more than the tutorial, a little less than a full match. We only do it once, when you first play Scavengers, so rest assured that the next team you wipe was made of real people.

Where do I get Salvage from?

TJ (Game Designer):
One way is by finding Salvage during the match. Several AI drop Salvage, and high value objectives - including bosses, supply drops, and orbital debris - drop unique Salvage that only appears once per match.

Since the latest patch, all players will gain the Salvage they were carrying whenever they extract from the match, or if they are eliminated. They will also receive a copy of any Salvage their teammates finished the match with.

Ben B (Game Designer):
Salvage is currently awarded in three ways:

  • Every time you level up after a match!
  • By completing Challenges
  • If you or a teammate find some in a match

How do I level up my account (player) level?

TJ (Game Designer):
Account level is an aggregate of Explorer levels. Level up your Explorers to level up your account!

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