QOTW - Weapons, Research, and More!

11 June 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

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Say you are a new player, and you just want to jump into the game and play with people. Would you recommend grouping up for your first experiences?

@LPakaGaming, Twitter

Ben B (Game Designer):
Scavengers is a team game, and if you can find players who are willing to play as a team, you will have the best experience. I hope experienced players can help new players by being that teammate who can lead and teach as well!

Christine aka dance (Community):
I 100% agree with Ben! Being able to coordinate as a team is a great way for new players to learn the ins and outs of Scavengers. Players are always looking for teammates on our Discord server, so I would encourage anyone to join in and find a team. More experienced players are generally happy to answer questions and hop into a game or two.

Do you guys have plans to expand on signature weapons and wildcards by filling more rarities, putting more options per rarity, etc.?

@PootyPlays, Discord

Wix (Game Designer):
For sure! We already have some new wildcard weapons in the works. In addition, we will be adding new variants of wildcard weapons to make sure that we have a nice spread of weapon types at all of the rarity levels. That will make looting weapon chests more interesting, and is our main focus right now.

Regarding the signature weapons, we will be tuning and improving the feel of the ones available to the characters that we have. But new signature weapons will of course be a perfect future expansion. Of course, when we release new characters they will come with their own suite of signature weapon variants.

Ben B (Game Designer):
We want to expand the loadout gameplay in general. The mix of the strategic (planning ahead) and tactical (in-the moment) is really interesting and compelling, and giving that a lot of space really expands the potential of the game.

Can we please have a cat backpack?

@Jefffid, Instagram

Ben B (Game Designer):
Not right meow. Do you mean a backpack that looks like a cat, a backpack with a cat in it, or a large cat that is holding onto your back, with its arms where straps go?

I've wanted us to have one of these for some time.

Is there any chance we can make the Research system easier to progress in? I love the idea of grinding resources, but dislike having to kill certain bosses in order to obtain resources. Maybe add additional objectives that can be farmed?

@StarLord, Discord

Ben B (Game Designer):
Yes! I'm going to continue to tune this experience, and we're building additional ways to grant resources as well. I know it's not quite there yet, and I'd rather have to start with it too hard and make it easier, than start with it too easy, and make it harder.

Good news for Early Access players - you can tell newbie whippersnappers about how you had to slide uphill both ways to get minerals, back in the day.

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