Rebel Defender

From the skylines of Manhattan to the snowy hills of Cascade Springs, Valora harnesses the destructive fury of her shotgun blast to take command in any skirmish. With a penchant for blunt-force plays, and outfitted with a deployable energy shield, she thrives in the chaotic maw of the fight.

Nationality: American
Class Ability: Aegis Shield
Class Weapon: Devastator

Aegis Shield

Valora’s deployable Aegis Shield spawns a stationary energy bubble that guards players within its dome from inbound attacks, whilst still allowing its occupants to return fire. The shield’s health and radius decrease over time - and is accelerated by enemy attacks - meaning it’s only a temporary safeguard against rival teams. However, as well as security against incoming fire, it’ll also shelter players from the bitter effects of the cold whilst active.


It may lack the precision of the weapons favored by her fellow Explorers, but what it loses in accuracy it makes up for in raw damage dealing. Valora’s aptly named Devastator currently has two variant models, featuring either an extended magazine with an additional increase to melee damage, or a one-shot high-damage slug projectile that can dispatch enemies in a single shot.