Cool Fan Creations

15 August 2021


It’s time for another Community Roundup! We love watching your videos and streams, reading your guides, and seeing your awesome art.

A new player excited to give their thoughts on Scavengers, featuring some fun gameplay moments!
Credit: Wolfyowns, YouTube

Explorer Cairo, kunai, and an Outlander Samurai - a few of the amazing concept ideas from Spect0rr and SinBagel! We love the detail and creativity that went into designing this guide.

Scavengers Samurai Player Concept

Check out the full guide: Link
Credit: Spect0rr, SinBagel, Discord, Steam

What do you do when an enemy Halden just won’t stop jumping? Stay calm, take aim, and blast away of course! This fun video shows an epic teamfight as swift4010 takes down bouncy Halden.
Credit: swift4010, YouTube

Ever wish you could Craft a melee or shotgun wildcard weapon? BoomBox has you covered with a variety of weapon concepts! We absolutely love seeing the creativity of this concept art.

Scavengers Wildcard Concept

Credit: BoomBox, Discord

Valora’s Devastator Corsac packs a punch - and not just because it’s a fast shooting shotgun! RambomanDan shows just how devastating this gun can be in the right hands!
And we also want to share a fun bonus video! Want to get a taste of what a ScavLab event is like? Check out this awesome video as the Messenger organizes a Conga Line! Join our Discord server to find out more about ScavLab and keep up to date when the next event will happen.
Credit: RambomanDan, YouTube

Thank you Explorers for your videos, cool artwork, streams and fun gameplay moments. Please share your creations with fellow players in Discord or with #ScavengersGame on Twitter.

We can’t wait to see more of your adventures in Cascade Springs!

Here’s What’s Happening

16 August 2021

We’re working on optimization, bug fixes, and our upcoming Hotfix!

Current Dev Focus

9 August 2021

We’re working on our next major update!