July 21st Horde Update

20 July 2021


We’re excited about our latest game update and hope that you’ll enjoy the changes coming to Scavengers. Check out all the new in-game updates that are coming tomorrow!

To prepare for the update, there will be downtime starting July 21st at 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST and it is expected to last for 2 hours.

Season 0 Battle Pass

We’re introducing Season 0, The First Frontier, which comes complete with a new First Frontier Cruz skin and First Frontier weapon skins, all of which will be available in the Battle Pass available for free from July 23rd to August 6th.

You can read the full details here.

PvE Horde Mode

Battle waves of AI enemies in the brand-new PvE Horde Mode! This new mode will be available to play once you log in after the update tomorrow. Entering Horde Mode is easy - simply click on ‘Expedition’ in the main lobby and switch to ‘Horde’!

Check out the full details here.

Daily and Career Challenges

  • We’re continuing to add new Challenges to the rotation
  • Challenges are now split between Daily and Career Challenges
  • Daily Challenges reward you Season Points to advance your Battle Pass

EXP Adjustments

We’re adjusting the EXP formula so that as you play, you’ll earn EXP at a relatively steady rate. The goal of this change is to reward overall participation throughout the match.

  • Earn EXP for damage dealt, objectives completed, and time alive

Social System

  • You can now easily invite friends to your squad by clicking on the Invite button next to your Explorer in the lobby

Respawn System

Since we introduced the new Respawn system in June, we’ve been listening to your feedback. One of the core issues we’ve heard from you about this system is that the Datapoint requirement is very prohibitive, especially for teams that are behind.

With this update, we’re making it a bit easier by lowering the Datapoint requirement. After uploading the Datapoints, dead teammates will be resurrected automatically, no Backup Clone item will be needed. We’ve also fixed the issue where Data Uplinks sometimes weren’t available during CAT 5 storms.

Respawn Changes:

  • Datapoint requirements have been reduced to 100 Datapoints for a 3-person team and 50 Datapoints for a 2-person team
  • Data Uplinks will no longer grant a Clone Backup Item. Now, dead teammates will automatically be resurrected once the Datapoint requirement has been met

General Gameplay

  • Single Team Hurry Up: the match will now speed up if there is only 1 team left. This will call the Dropship down early and it will take off shortly after the remaining team boards
  • You can now see if you’re visible on the map radar. Next to your player status, you’ll notice a stealth icon (an eye) that appears when you are hidden from radar detection
  • Shield bars for your team now visually scale as a proportion of health points
  • Scrap now shows at all times on the HUD
  • Improvements to spawn points and encounter layouts, including new signature location pieces, to better locate yourself within the world
  • We have new Explorer climbing animations, based on different clambering heights

Post Match Summary

  • Improvements to the Post Match Summary and EXP rewards. You can now see what EXP you gained from boosts applied to you or a teammate

Controller Adjustments

  • Scavengers now supports controller rumble
  • We’ve done a pass to improve the controller experience

Audio Improvements

  • Improvements to the item use sound effects
  • Polish pass on weapon audio
  • Improved Scourge sound effects that have amplified the creepy factor of Scourge-infected sites

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Match rewards incorrectly showing Salvage items earned from the previous match
  • Fixed: Data Uplink sites are now correctly found when the storms reach CAT 5
  • Fixed: Data upload does not speed up according to the number of players within the upload radius
  • Fixed: Recoil on revolvers is sometimes higher when using ADS (aim down sights)
  • Fixed: Multiple client and server crashes
  • Fixed: Missing shelter from several buildings and wreckage sites
  • Fixed: Character voices can be left behind while driving a vehicle
  • Fixed: Visible seams/gaps in the snow
  • Fixed: Interactable chests buried under the snow
  • Fixed: Missing subtitles for Mother and Explorer voice lines
  • Fixed: The squad tab in the menu shows incorrect info if a teammate leaves the match early
  • Fixed: Tarik’s stun trap deals a small amount of damage to them on detonation
  • Fixed: Wildlife sometimes teleports off the map for a brief moment
  • Fixed: AI facing the wrong way while firing at targets
  • Fixed: Spectating players on a team with 1 remaining survivor not receiving the correct salvage after the match completes
  • Fixed: Spawn count issues at specific tactical stash camps
  • Fixed: Incorrect icons sometimes show up on interactables the first time you mouse over them, then set to the proper icon after a couple of seconds
  • Fixed: Missing sound effects on the Ripsaw and Hackblade
  • Fixed: Translation errors across all languages
  • Fixed: Issues with activating Kali’s cloak with the Blink talent equipped causing one to cancel the other
  • Fixed: Weapons picked up while cloaked as Kali sometimes do not cloak with her
  • Fixed: Snow piles missing collision, allowing players to hide within
  • Fixed: Incorrect/missing voice lines from Explorers during the draft
  • Fixed: Lighting issues in the lobby
  • Fixed: Jumping while executing causes the Explorer model to get in a weird state
  • Fixed: Unlocked Research stations sometimes show as still locked
  • Fixed: Floating environment art
  • Fixed: Players don’t drop their Datapoints if they quit the match early
  • Fixed: The Voidbarrel sometimes fails to deal damage to vehicles
  • Fixed: Missing animation on Keepers opening crates/chests

We look forward to working with you as we continue to refine and improve Scavengers together. Please join us on Discord to share your feedback and chat with fellow Explorers!!

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