Our Focus This Week

6 July 2021


We’re back with our latest Weekly Focus blog!

This will be a regular series where we’ll take a look at what the team is focusing their attention on this week, as well as their response to some of the top community feedback and suggestions we’ve received.

Developer Focus

Scavengers Developer Focus July 6

Here, we’ll talk about some of the top topics that the team is working on this week. This isn’t their only focus - we’ll be highlighting only the main topics they’re focused on:

  • Working on Upcoming Features: We’re working on our next content update, which is planned to release in the next two weeks. This week will be spent finalizing the upcoming content and features, so that we can focus on QA and testing.
  • EXP Rework: We mentioned it in the Resurrection System Change blog, but we are actively working on revisions to EXP that reward time spent playing, first and foremost. More work will be done on this new system, with the changes expected to go live in a future update.
  • Improving New Player Experience: We’re continuing to evaluate and improve the new player experience. In particular, we realize that more work is needed to teach new players some of the core mechanics, such as Research and Crafting items during a match. These improvements will go live in a future update.
  • Bugs and Issues: Right now, the team is focused on fixing the bugs and issues that you have been reporting.
  • Performance Optimization and Stability: Optimization and improving stability continues to be a core focus for our team. We’re interested in hearing any performance issues you may experience, so we can work to correct them

Top Community Feedback

Scavengers Community Feedback July 6

We’re on this Scavengers journey with you, and we want to improve and refine the game with the feedback and suggestions from our community. Although the team is constantly going through your feedback and incorporating them into our updates and hotfixes, we haven’t had a really good way to let you know what might be coming in the medium to long term.

So, every week, we'll share our thoughts on some of the top community feedback topics that we’ve been seeing on our platforms. We may work on some of these for a future update; some of these could be part of a long-term plan and might not have a date for when they’ll arrive in Scavengers. Others, we may be investigating or considering adding, but can’t promise that you’ll see them in the game. Finally, for some, we want to continue hearing your feedback and thoughts on, to ensure we’re considering the right way to approach it. Let’s break them down:

Interesting: We’re interested in adding these to the game and are currently looking into how it might work. We don’t have any definite plans, so they may or may not be added in a future update.

  • Datapoint Requirement for Backup Clone Item: We’ve heard your recent feedback that the Datapoint requirement for acquiring new Backup Clone items is a bit too harsh. We’re looking into a few different changes to make it feel a bit better, including lowering the number of Datapoints required and adjusting how quickly Datapoints are uploaded. We don’t have any new numbers to share, but we are interested in testing, and likely adjusting, how it works.
  • Item Hot Swap Mechanic: While some enjoy the new hot swap feature, we’ve also heard a lot of feedback that it’s a bit too easy to drop the item that you want to use. We don’t want to remove this mechanic, but do want to find ways to make it more understandable. Current ideas range from better clarity when picking up an item requiring hot swapping with a current item, to requiring a ‘Hold’ interaction when swapping items. We would love to hear your thoughts on what improvements or changes you wou__ld like to see for this mechanic.
  • Dropping Items after Leaving: When a teammate elects to leave the game or crashes, all their Scrap, Datapoints, and items are lost. We agree it could be interesting to have players who left drop some items, such as Datapoints or Scrap, from their Inventory. We need to test this though, and consider how each would affect the game.
  • Adding ‘Ready’ Button: Several games have a ‘Ready’ button, so teammates can indicate to the party leader when they are ready to begin a match. This is a feature that we are interested in looking into.

We’re committed to creating Scavengers with our amazing players. Please share your feedback and suggestions on Discord and Twitter and let us know your thoughts on our focus topics.

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