ScavLab is coming on Saturday, May 29th!

27 May 2021


With our largest game update yet also comes our first public, large-scale community gathering: ScavLab!

If you were a part of our Discord community before the launch of Early Access, you’ll know what ScavLab is, as we hosted a private, pre-launch celebration in it. For newcomers, let’s get to the details:

When is ScavLab?

This Saturday, May 29th, at 11 AM PT / 7 PM BST!

How do I get in?

No need to download a different client, just make sure Scavengers is patched, load it up before 11am PT on Saturday, and select ScavLab from the main menu. You don't need to party up for this mode - parties are coming in a future release. For players with newer Nvidia cards, please update your drivers to ensure you get the smoothest experience!

NOTE: There is a current player cap of 5,000, which operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in the queue early! Additionally, if the servers do get filled up but some participants drop out, vacancies can open up immediately, even after the event has started. Just keep an eye out on the ScavLab mode button - if it's greyed out, it means we're at maximum capacity. If it's not, then space has been freed and you can join in!

For those of you loading up but who don’t want to participate in ScavLab, please make sure you switch over the Mode option in the lobby to Expedition, as our countdown to ScavLab will be the default option.

What is ScavLab?

We’ll quote ourselves here: “Through our Early Access prep, we’ve been collaborating with Improbable’s London game studio on a very experimental sandbox testing platform, using Scavengers gameplay elements. We’re calling it ScavLab.

ScavLab was concepted by our London partners as a technology experiment, where we could host a massive amount of players, entities, and unique gameplay features in a single, shared communal hub. But scale isn’t exciting without purpose or fun, so we threw in some wild, conceptual ideas for Scavengers and it grew from there.

What we see in *ScavLab is the opportunity to test a wide range of features - at scale and all together - in consideration for the core game. ScavLab is our new community event and testing space.*”

What’s in this ScavLab?

Because we’ve been heads-down focused on the core Scavengers game, we don’t have too many changes to introduce from last time. That said, we have analysed the last event, went through feedback and have been working on balancing difficulty levels, improving overall performance and smoothing some of the features out.

We also felt it was a great time for everyone to come together to hang out with Josh, hear about upcoming Scavengers content, and maybe even get to ask some questions via Discord.

All-in-all, expect to have some serious fun sliding down a mountain, collecting datapoints, and battling thousands upon thousands of Thresh on a beautiful snowy lake (with jump pads…).

This ScavLab event is expected to run once for ~30-45 minutes. No repeats!

Can I stream ScavLab?

Go ahead! If you’re a content creator or streamer who wants to stream this ScavLab event or participate in future ones, join in, stream the event, and tag us in your social posts!

Join the discussion!

Like last time, we’ll also be hanging out in the ScavLab chat channels on our official Discord before, during, and after the event to discuss. Drop your feedback there!

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