Insightful Tracker

Hailing from Sweden, Björn relies on his keen senses and trusty ice picks to keep his teammates alive.

Nationality: Swedish
Class Ability: Bestial Rage
Class Weapon: Hakkas

Bestial Rage

A melee master, Björn’s bestial rage allows him to quickly close the distance for close combat. Using his insight and instincts honed over time, Björn can easily locate enemy positions on the map. Quick melee attacks and improved Stamina recovery will give him an edge against his opponents.


Björn’s dual-wielded Hakkas are the perfect complement for his improved reflexes with bestial rage. Upgraded variants give Björn more tactical options, from sneaky lunge attacks, to devastating spinning strikes. His legendary Hakkas Spark can be thrown at an opponent, releasing a lightning attack that causes a chain reaction to nearby enemies.