Lethal Speedster

Blazing a trail from the streets of Colombia, Cruz outpaces the opposition in a dizzying display of speed and ferocity. There’s little doubt that when it comes to the competition, he’s always one step ahead of the game.

Nationality: Colombian
Class Ability: Tailwind
Class Weapon: Cazador


Where Cruz leads, others follow. His Tailwind ability not only grants him superhuman speed to bolt across the wintry tundra, but creates a vast aura imbuing teammates with a blistering boost to their own sprint speed. With Tailwind, Cruz can run circles around the competition, burst through enemy territory, and extract datapoints before anyone even notices what’s happened.


Not to be weighed down in the pursuit of victory, Cruz’s Cazador is a light SMG that shines in close-quarters combat. Variant designs provide additional utility (including extended rounds and a longer scope), but this SMG is best suited for smash-and-grab maneuvers, benefitting the whirlwind speed of its bearer.