Outback Bladesman

Born into the Australian wilderness, Jae’s deftness with a blade is matched only by his athletic prowess. Combined with the ability to strengthen his defenses mid-fight, this melee marauder overpowers any Explorer unfortunate enough to stray into his path.

Nationality: Korean/Neo Australia
Class Ability: Overshield
Class Weapon: Maverick


A true close-quarters combatant, Jae’s Overshield ability is perfectly suited to offer additional protection in any offensive or defensive scenario. Deploying this timed shield temporarily fortifies Jae’s armor, giving him the additional strength needed to endure even the most brutal of firefights. Pair with a melee weapon, and its duration and attack speed are increased with every kill.


Fused from the detritus of the old world, Jae’s halberd, Maverick, can bring a pointed end to any conflict the master bladesman encounters. With a heavy lunge move as standard, and variant models that support alternate fighting styles, this devastating two-handed blade cuts through enemy lines, leaving lesser fighters fleeing the battlefield.