Sureshot Disruptor

The tactical technophile from England. Letty’s supercharged gadgets debilitate and disrupt enemy tech, leaving her sturdy revolver to finish off the job.

Nationality: British
Class Ability: EMP Blast
Class Weapon: Rosie

EMP Blast

Ideal for when a spot of crowd control is needed, Letty emits a powerful EMP blast that shuts down enemy abilities, as well as nearby vehicles, leaving them vulnerable to attack. This quick-fire maneuver also knocks enemies and vehicles back, giving Letty the space she needs to plan her next move.


A hand cannon of significant might, Rosie may be small in stature but packs a punch where it counts. This low-ammo, high-impact revolver makes for a deadly companion to hit-and-run opportunists looking to make their mark. Switch to one of the variant models and swap out standard ammunition for a range of lethal alternatives geared for troublesome enemy types.