Fun-Loving Anarchist

From a young age Ha-rin discovered an uncanny aptitude for chemistry...particularly chemicals that explode. Entrapping her enemies in a suffocating fog of dazzling magenta smoke, Rin disorientates and debilitates her targets just long enough to pick them off.

Nationality: Korean-American
Class Ability: Smoke Screen
Class Weapon: SHIN-48

Smoke screen

A disruptive force of nature across the frost-bitten battleground, Rin’s Smoke Screen is a targeted projectile that covers an area with smoke Nanobots. But don’t let its disarmingly alluring magenta cloud fool you: this not only obscures the vision of enemies, but also progressively depletes stamina over time, making their efforts to escape futile. Nanotechnology highlights enemies trapped within the fog, allowing Rin and her allies to gain the upperhand amidst the confusion.


A no-nonsense weapon of maximum impact, the SHIN-48 offers plenty of bang for your buck. At its most deadly in close or medium range combat, it can be upgraded to suit a variety of encounters - whether you’re looking to enhance your firepower capabilities, or even want to switch things up for a stealthier approach. Much like Rin, it’s guaranteed to blow away the competition.