Become a creator

Calling all creators

We’re excited to invite you to join the Scavengers Creator Programme. Whether you stream, make videos, cosplay, draw, paint, write, lead a forum, or flex your creative muscles in another way, we want to hear from you.

We’ll provide you with news, information, access, assets, and more, to help you continue to create great Scavengers content.

The Scavengers Creator Programme will launch soon, so keep an eye out for future news and announcements.

Who is the creator programme for?

If you love Scavengers, this programme is for you. We are looking for creators who want to become role models within the community, whether it’s through the content they make or the support they provide.

As a member of the Scavengers Creator Programme, we’ll work with you to provide a variety of benefits and features to help you create and share your content.

Some of these include:

  • Preview access to upcoming content
  • Exclusive creator swag
  • Chance to be featured of Scavengers official channels
  • Invites to special events
  • Help shape the future of Scavengers
  • And tons more!

All creators must...

  • Be an active member of the Scavengers community
  • Have an active Scavengers account in good standing
  • Abide by the Scavengers EULA, TOS and Fan Content Policy, and not promote the violation of these on their associated content platforms
  • Adhere to the Scavengers Creator Code of Conduct
    • Creators will maintain a level of professionalism and create content that is respectful, welcoming, and fosters a positive community free from discrimination
    • Creators will not create or promote illegal, sexist, racist, hateful, abusive, discriminatory, or other offensive material on content platforms associated with their content