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22 March 2022

Check out the latest Scavengers update!

Questions Of The Week - 5

19 March 2021

The team answers your questions on sliding, extraction, and even how they first met!

Early Access Coming In Late April & More

17 March 2021

We’ll be back online for Early Access in late April. Plus, all the features and updates we’re busy working on.

Dev Insights: Player Progression

10 March 2021

From teamwork to effective research and resource management. We discuss the work going into player progression for Scavengers.

Questions Of The Week - 4

5 March 2021

From the day/night cycle to loot and factions, the devs have the answers to your burning questions!

Meet The Explorers

1 March 2021

Which Explorer are you? To help you start prepping your dream squad, we’ve put together a quick intro to who’s who in Scavengers...

Questions Of The Week - 3

26 February 2021

Ranked game modes and leaderboards; cosmetics, inspiration for Explorer gear. Find out the team’s thoughts on these topics and more...

Dev Insights: Information Warfare

25 February 2021

Information Warfare is a key ingredient in tactical gameplay within Scavengers. Find out exactly what it means...

Questions Of The Week - 2

19 February 2021

You ask the questions, we answer them. Our second batch of community questions is in!