June 23rd Patch Notes

22 June 2021


We’re excited to release our latest game update and hope that you’ll enjoy the changes in Scavengers. Check out all the new in-game updates that are coming tomorrow!!

The update is expected to go live June 23rd at 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST.

Resurrection Changes

With this update, we’re adjusting the Respawn system to include a Backup Clone item that stores extra lives. This item has its own dedicated slot, and can’t be dropped or lost.

You can find all the details around the new Respawn system, including future work, in our recent blog.

Quality of Life Changes

Item Swapping

We’ve made a minor improvement to item swapping to make it easier to pick up a new item when your Inventory is full. With a full Inventory, you simply need to pick up an item and it will automatically be swapped with your active item.

EXP Boost

Scavengers EXP Boost Match Summary

With this update, the Match Summary will separate your base EXP from any EXP gained through an in-game event or EXP Boost. This should help clarify how you are earning EXP in each match.


We’ll continue to adjust and expand our Challenges, to provide players with different gameplay opportunities. We've added some new challenges that focus on finding and using the variety of weapons in the world of Scavengers. You'll be rewarded for dealing damage with weapons in the following classes, so get out there and try out all there is to offer!

Types of Weapon Challenges:

  • Damage dealt with assault rifles
  • Damage dealt with SMGs
  • Damage dealt with melee weapons
  • Damage dealt with shotguns
  • Damage dealt with bows
  • Damage dealt with grenades

Weapon Tuning

We did a weapon tuning pass, to re-balance many of the weapons in Scavengers.

The following weapons were adjusted:

  • Bows
    • Added 0.2 second minimum windup time to all bows to control the fire rate when rapid firing
  • Letty’s Rosie
    • Increased damage slightly on Rosie
    • Increased impact damage slightly on Rosie Sledgehammer
  • Tarik’s Longstriker
    • Removed the bolt action animation on Longstriker Taskmaster
    • Longstriker Taskmaster now uses heavy ammo
  • Rattler
    • Reduced the recoil slightly
  • Warsong
    • Reduced the damage slightly
  • Cruz’s Cazador
    • Increased the reload duration on Cazador
    • Reduced the damage slightly for Cazador Cheetah
    • Reduced the headshot multiplier of Cazador Cheetah to be the same as the other Cazador variants
    • Added spread to the last bullets of the burst for Cazador Cheetah
  • Opus
    • Increased the damage
    • Increased the fire rate slightly
  • Halden’s Strike Rifle
    • Reduced the damage and slightly more damage falloff for Strike Rifle A-Spec
    • Reduced the recoil slightly for Strike Rifle A-Spec
  • Repeating Crossbow
    • Increased the damage
    • Increased the fire rate slightly
    • Reduced the recoil
  • Devastator
    • Reduced the explosion damage and increased the impact damage for Devastator Hyperion
  • Argonaut
    • Reduced the damage falloff slightly

General Gameplay

  • New High Value Objective: Growth Cluster
    • Can appear throughout the match starting at Category 2 storms
    • Produces 35 Datapoints over 60 seconds.
    • On completion, it produces Scrap and a high-value weapon.
  • Warlords can appear more often
  • Research costs have been reduced for several items, including Talents and Components

Performance, Optimization, and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Rosie Sledgehammer no longer stun locks the AI on every shot
  • Fixed: Longstriker Desperado now reliably triggers an explosion on headshot kills
  • Fixed: Environment bug fixes for improper collision, mantling failures, visible seams in the ground, and floating set pieces
  • Fixed: Sometimes a player can get stuck in a weird party state where they see default lobby text (every player is Rob)
  • Fixed: Explorers on draft screen sometimes appear to be invisible, leaving their weapon floating in the air
  • Fixed: Parties not reliably staying together after match end
  • Fixed: Camera going through Dropship doors
  • Fixed: Missing teammate names
  • Fixed: Cold indicator never stops flashing red if a thermal boost is used in a storm
  • Fixed: Some players on EGS cannot access in game Shop tabs
  • Fixed: The draft camera is not highlighting the correct player
  • Fixed: When using Controller, all controls stop working if a controller is disconnected while loading in a match
  • Fixed: Dropship safe zone missing an area (sometimes players are left on planet when on the ship)
  • Fixed: Grenades falling through the world
  • Fixed: Primary weapon swaps when secondary weapon should
  • Fixed: Player is able to throw 2 grenades at the same time
  • Fixed: Camera stutters when using melee weapons

We look forward to working with you as we continue to refine and improve Scavengers together. Please join us on Discord to share your feedback and chat with fellow Explorers!!

June 25th Hotfix

24 June 2021

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21 June 2021