Questions Of The Week - 2

19 February 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

This week saw several questions flying in from across our Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels. Here’s what our dev team had to say to them.

Where is Jellybean?

@Hayden, Discord

Audrey (Producer):
For those new to Scavengers, very early on in development, we had a character concept drawn out. This character had the ability to summon a bear named Jellybean to battle, by throwing down a piece of meat (tasty!). Jellybean would then turn up and help out.

To answer the question though, Jellybean perished in a battle, long ago (heartbreak!). However, they may be resurrected in the future to fight alongside Explorers once more…

Are there going to be different maps in the future? If not is the map going to have randomly generated challenges/areas? (i.e puzzles to solve, parkour, or survival challenges)

@moneybucks, Twitter

Ben B (Game Designer):
We’re excited to continue updating the map and we’ve got lots of plants of ways to add new challenges for squads, for sure. More to share on this in the future!

TJ (Game Designer):
The objectives are systems-driven and allow us to add and remove objective types pretty easily, so expect to see new objective types come online over time.

Scavengers, being a Hybrid of PVE and PVP, what was the deciding factor that made you decide to make it more in the vein of a Battle Royale style game, rather than something like an open-world shooter? It's something that it looks like it could very well accomplish with its divergent AI and minibosses and optional activities strewn around the map (A-la Destiny and its multiple zones with their own activities and sub-zones, such as dungeons, etc)

@Ayredyl, Discord

Josh (Creative Designer):
We set out to create a repeatable session-based game, where teams can experience the challenge and exhilaration of survival while employing a variety of different strategies to compete with one another. Due to the dynamic nature of the environment and the game mode itself, no two sessions play the same and players are continually being challenged to adapt and overcome.

TJ (Game Designer):
Scavengers is the evolution of a concept that many of us have been kicking around for years. The broad strokes have been in place for a long time and have remained unchanged. In fact, you can see outlines of this concept in past games some of us have worked on! So development has just been about making good on that concept.

Will the game have squads, duos, and solos, and will it have proxy?

@blackgemini550, Instagram (also @KODIECOLLINGS, Twitter and @Dennis SI, Facebook who had the same question)

TJ (Game Designer):
We sometimes play duos internally and it's really fun! These are good candidates for limited-time modes. We're waiting to see what players like before committing to new permanent modes.

Each character has a different power, what were your inspirations?

@scavengers_news, Twitter

Josh (Creative Designer):
Some of the guiding principles for character abilities are to empower a diversity of play styles, support synergies between different characters, and avoid duplication of direct damage effects (these are the realm of weapons in our game). On this last point, this decision was informed by early experimentation.

A prototype version of Jae had a lunging blow that delivered strong AOE damage. This felt limited in utility and duplicated functionality already available in our weapon suite. So for example, while Letty’s ability does inflict some minor damage, its main role is crowd control countering other character abilities and vehicles. In my opinion, this approach allows for more interesting play possibilities and strategic depth as abilities are combined and paired with a variety of different weapon types.

Luke K (Game Designer):
My process is to identify game loops that we're lacking and try to find a fun mechanic that fills that gap. For example, the core goal for Letty was to make a character capable of disabling vehicles and other abilities. But to make that action more interesting than turning off a light switch (and to make it useful against AI), I took some inspiration from one of my favorite games, Skyrim. So now the ability has depth, usable in a variety of situations, and is (in my humble opinion) lots of fun to use. Not to mention it's kinda fun to get sent into orbit by her as well...

Wix (Game Designer):
I’ll add to this with some thought process for some of the other characters too. Scavengers isn’t a stealth game, but we wanted to support some way of moving undetected. So along comes Kali, and with the silent compound bow, she’s an ideal flanker. We’ve also seen some instances where she has a powerful melee weapon and turns into a super scary PvP assassin.

Then, there’s Tarik. Their stun traps supports a measured approach to things, so they can plan ahead and prep a location with multiple traps, which means you and your team can fall back and lure enemies into them. Obviously, it also acts as a great defense against being flanked, while Tarik is looking down the scope.

Got more questions for the team?

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