Questions Of The Week - 4

5 March 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

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How is this game going to handle the pro PvP camping in the final area? If you look at a PvEvP example like Sea of Thieves, the entry point to new or casual players can be excruciatingly brutal because all of your PvE work and adventure can be ruined by PvP. Now, this is obviously a constant threat in this game, but the ending section that forces all players to head to the exit seems like it could easily be camped by the PvPers who don't play the objectives, they just wait for other teams to do all the work, then pick them off at the very end from a position of power in the shuttle and win.

@trulyawfulgaming, Instagram

TJ (Game Designer):
If players want to ignore objectives and just hunt other players, or wait until the end to pick off other players, they're likely to find themselves underpowered in the endgame. And while this game mode is a competition, you don't have to triumph in toe-to-toe PvP to win. Which is super cool. Crafty players have tools and methods to outsmart would-be hunter-killers, give them the slip, extract, and win.

Will loot be color coded or will there be tiers of weapons?

@louiewright78, Instagram

Wix (Game Designer):
Yes! Items are already coded according to rarity... And the Explorers’ signature weapons will also get multiple variants. These variants can be anything from slight variations to a weapon like an extended magazine, increased fire rate or longer effective range. But they could also include massive changes to the behavior of the weapons so that it supports alternate playstyles.

Do you plan on adding more factions or enemy types?

@boop, Discord

Ben B (Game Designer):
Yes! There are hints in the game already on other factions (some of you may have already noticed those hints!). Maybe they will be friendly?

Justin L (Game Designer):
Yup! Cascade Springs is large and there are plenty of mysteries to be uncovered and surprises to be had...

@DeathzeroV, Twitter

Josh (Creative Designer):
Yes, there is a dynamic day-night cycle in the game. Currently, this runs at an accelerated scale where one minute of game time is equal to the passage of one hour in the world.

Ben B (Game Designer):
Nighttime is when the wolves come out. We're continuing to explore how the time of day impacts gameplay and the pacing of the match.

Justin L (Game Designer):
Currently, the day/night cycle communicates an escalation of your expedition to Cascade Springs. As the match progresses into night, things get a bit more dangerous and that escalates again at dawn. And as Ben mentioned, we have also been exploring more significant ways that the time of day could impact the session.

In your field of work for Scavengers, what is your most favourite thing to do and why? E.g. rigging, turning art into a 3d Model, etc.

@SkyTrigger, Discord

Jeremy (UI Designer):
I think my favorite part of UI design is iterating on and solving tough user experience (UX) problems. We are constantly thinking about things like "When a player is interacting with this system, what is the most important information? Is that information clear to the player?" and "Have we created any barriers that might prevent someone from enjoying this feature due to a disability or experience with a different game or game genre?" It is really difficult, but it allows us to think about our community, put ourselves in their shoes, and ask hard questions about if something is clear, necessary, and accessible.

In Scavengers, there is so much information we need you to know about at one time (storms, your survival stats, your health, incoming damage, enemy players, etc.) and it is our job to ensure the games UI isn't preventing you from having the ability to make an informed decision. It is like juggling, spinning plates, solving a puzzle at the same time and I really enjoy the challenge.

Ben B (Game Designer):
Honestly, this will be a bit of a "you get paid to play videogames" but I love playtesting. Not only because the game gets better every day, but because I get to see all the efforts across the team come together.

I mostly work writing documents and doing math in spreadsheets, so sometimes, the game I am working on day to day is super abstract and hard to feel. When we get in and actually experience it with art, sound, FX, and all the gameplay features, it's amazing. Every day I see something that exceeds my expectations and that surprises and delights me.

Audrey M (Producer):
As a Producer, I love how each and every day is different. One day I'm working closely with the art teams on building assets and getting them into the game. The next day I'm working with the engineers on pushing towards our performance goals. The day after that I'm working with our community team on rolling out patch notes.

Sometimes (during playtests) I'm lurking in the Discord to help answer support questions. The list goes on... I really appreciate the variety of what I do each day, as it keeps me learning and challenging myself.

Luke K (Game Designer):
My favorite part of gameplay design is the prototyping stage. It's when I get to be really crazy and make OP things. The goal is to fill in areas of gameplay that are lacking, add fun, and make something that can be balanced before it goes live. It reminds me of when I was little and building crazy things with LEGOs.

Justin L (Game Designer):
For me, it’s watching folks play the game and having it take on a life of its own. It’s always inspiring to see how players innovate and utilize the game’s features and systems to do awesome things we have not always accounted for.

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