Storms incoming: Next Technical Playtest June 27

17 June 2020

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting further news on our next Scavengers Technical Playtest. Well, we don’t want to keep you out in the cold much longer…

We are excited to announce that you’ll be able to join the next Technical Playtest:

Playtest details

When? Satuday, June 27th, 9 am to Sunday June 28th, 9 am PT

Recommended specs: i5-7600K / AMD Ryzen 5 2600, GTX 1070 / Radeon Pro Vega 64, 16GB RAM

Minimum specs: i5-6500 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X, GTX 760 / Radeon R9 380, 8GB RAM

As a friendly reminder, we are not permitting the sharing of any content from Scavengers during this technical playtest (per confidentiality agreement). This includes streaming, images, social posts or articles sharing impressions.

So, what can you expect from the next Scavengers Technical Playtest?

We’re making big changes!

We’re in the middle of overhauling our core game mode. You’ll notice many changes from the last time you played, and these gameplay tweaks are designed to bring more action, reward and challenge to our players. This is still work-in-progress (with temporary features and messaging in some places) and your feedback is crucial.

One of the major changes that we’re experimenting with is a simplification of the end sequence. Previously, entering the dropship for extraction was required for a match victory. In this Technical Playtest, the session will end at the same time for all players and extraction is no longer required to succeed. Any players who are still alive when the game ends will be successfully extracted! This change places more of the focus on scoring and players interacting with the game world.

At the end of each match, once the scoring target has been achieved by one of the teams, the game enters a period called Overtime (a countdown until the dropship arrives). For the duration of Overtime, all scoring amounts are DOUBLED for locations around the map. This will give teams an opportunity to collect more data points and improve their scores.

As Overtime winds down, the dropship will land and open its doors. At this point there will be a narrow window (a few very tense seconds) where stepping aboard the dropship will DOUBLE the score for any data points you’re still carrying. This means that a team, previously down on points, could potentially come back from behind with a carefully timed push for the dropship. Therefore, plan your steps wisely!

Another significant change is the player count, as we expand from 45 players in each session to 60 players. This is a big technical hurdle for us and one of the primary focus points of this particular Technical Playtest.

Other changes you'll experience

Separate encounters that reward weapons, healing items, food, and scrap materials.

Added sites where you can upload the datapoints you’ve collected to Mother for safekeeping. Once uploaded to Sanctuary, no player can take these points away from you!

Developer note: We wanted to create more strategic reasons for choosing one encounter over another. Now teams must decide between the allure of special items or the ability to maximize scoring.

Overtime bonus: a chance to upload your earnings to Sanctuary for extra rewards.

Developer note: It is no longer a requirement for players to board the final ship and extract at the end of a match. However, if players do board the ship and extract, their point totals will be doubled!

Gameplay specific

We have a new sliding mechanic that allows you to gain speed down hills, and shoot enemies, wildlife, or other opponents, as you go!

Developer note: Sliding is something that a number of players have suggested in past playtests, and this new mechanic creates an interesting loop with our new stamina system. Sliding down hills is a great way to speed traversal while simultaneously recovering stamina.

Ashe has a new Stun Trap ability, allowing him to plant a timed trap that will detonate and stun opponents.

Survival changes

The current HUD presentation is temporary and is simply supporting basic functionality only. This interface will be further refined for the next playtests but in this upcoming playtest, expect:

New shields system on players that replaces armor

  • Shields deflect health damage until they’re broken.
  • Shields can be upgraded throughout the session to provide better protection from enemy attacks.

Developer note: Shields are powered by each player’s Keeper. The intention behind our shielding system is to replace our earlier armor system. We think this provides better feedback to the player as they progress throughout the game. Shield upgrades have become an important aspect of enhancing combat survivability.

New stamina system that is driven by hunger

  • Stamina is depleted by certain actions: sprint, melee attacks, dodge, mantle.
  • When you’re out of stamina, you’ll be exhausted and need to eat to recover to your full capabilities.

Developer note: Stamina will automatically replenish when not in use, but the use of stamina gradually reduces your maximum energy pool. To increase your energy pool back up to maximum, you need to eat. The goal with this change is to split off hunger from stamina, and create a new system that is more about maintaining your energy reserves/level.

Revised cold system

When you hit critical temperature levels, you’ll start freezing over and start taking hits to how much health you can recover until you get to warmth.

Developer note: Similar to stamina, we wanted to support a unique (and more extreme) mechanic for cold. If the player’s health bar freezes over entirely, they will be killed rather than downed (ie: cannot be revived). Once the player has regained warmth, they still need to heal to regain any lost health.

We removed infection for the time being while we look into a new approach.

Environment and map updates

Improved visual look of a multitude of encounters.

Several new encounters against the various AI factions.

Improved wind system to accompany the roaming storms.


New artwork and animation for attack dogs, wolves, and bears.

New behaviors from deer, bear, attack dogs, and wolves.

Scavengers lobby

Please note that the ‘Explorers Online’ information displayed in the lobby only refers to the players who are currently in that region’s lobby – not the total players actively playing in games.

Thank you

As always, your participation and feedback are essential as we continue to develop and refine the game. Thank you for being a part of our incredible Scavengers Community.

Any questions? Feel free to ask them on Discord or Twitter.

See you out in the snow!

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